June 11, 2024

Music Video of The Week : 6-19-2023

Steve Marino - Got You (In My World Now)

For This Weeks Music Video of the week we have Steve Marino's Dreamcast of a video, Got You (In My World Now).

I found this video like I find most things now days, on the scroll. This video is directed by Nate Kahn whose work I’m a big fan of and who I saw post about it! Before coming across this video, I wasn't too familiar with any of Steve’s solo stuff. I am however a big fan of the bands that he’s played in over the last few years. I didn’t know what to expect but was almost instantly won over after the first few seconds. I like the idea of power pop but i don't always like power pop! This song makes me rethink that. Some songs just take you to where you need to be and this one does that.

The videos open up to a fish eye shoot reminiscent of a bestie boys video. Nate does a great job of bring an immediacy and intimacy to this video that makes the song better for it! It almost feels like we've walked into Steve's bedroom despite the video being shoot entirely outside in sunny Los Angeles. Some music videos try depict a lifestyle that’s unattainable and some are just a peak into someone else world. I love this video because of the latter. It also doesn't hurt that the songs great and has an incredible bridge!



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