June 11, 2024

Welcome To Unbranded Cows Let Me Introduce You To Rocket The Band!!!

I’d like to introduce you to Unbranded Cows. This is a new Segment by For When the Cows Comes Home, where we tell you about a band or artist that is currently unsigned, on the come or etc that were a fan of! Think about it like unsigned hype but The Source magazine has been dead since 2006 and some dude in Tacoma decided to steal their idea!

For the first installment of this new segment I am honored to introduce you to Rocket! Rocket is a LA based rock band as if there’s not already enough of those (; The band is comprised of Alithea Tuttle on Bass and Vocals, Desi Scaglione and Baron Rinzler both on Guitar, and Cooper Ladomade on Drums. I was first introduced to Rocket via my friends in the Great LA band Milly. I was immediately draw to their sound due to my own personal bias for guitar music that sounds like it came out in 1994. In the year 2023 there are honestly a lot of bands doing the “90s thing” but Rocket brings something refreshingly new to the sound of Alt Rock radio of the past. I think that thing is that they actually have enough pop sensibility that one day they too might have an alt rock radio hit of their own!

With only 5 songs out or at least that I could find now is the perfect time to get into Rocket! I mean don’t you wanna be the guy at a house party 2 years from now telling everyone that they were your favorite band way before they started going on turn with turnstile!

Check out Rocket on Bandcamp or Spotify or maybe even your local CD shop!





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