June 11, 2024

Cow Tipping : FIVE FAVORITE SHOES FOR THE ROCK SHOW written by Slim O'fee

I would like to introduce you to a brand new segment here at For When The Cows Come Home called, Cow Tipping. For this segment we will have a friends of the site come on and give some expertise on whatever they happen to be an expert on! For our very first edition of Cow Tipping we have the one and only, The Good Homie Tim aka Slim O’fee here to tell us about the best shoes to wear to the rock show!!!!


written by Slim O'fee

This list is based on shoes I've worn or seen at the rock show. Thanks FWTCCH.

5. NIKE SB DUNK HIGH I tried to leave the SB Dunk, as well as its sibling Nike Air Force 1, off of my list. Two perennial nominees on all-time best or favorite sneaker lists and absolutely bodied by white people via Pandas and cooked white ones. But I have been at the rock show in SB Dunks too often to leave them off. The first pair I came up on in the contemporary Dunk era were the Carpet Company highs which make me feel like Franz from Turnstile when I wear them with dark wash blue jeans. Those are great for wearing to the rock show. I wore those to a rock show that changed my life. Anyways, I'm not strict when it comes to highs versus lows but the highs get my nod on this list for my memory of seeing Hotline TNT in Olympia, Washington in a pair of KCDCs, fresh out of the box. And not for nothing, your pants still hit so right on top of SB Dunks which is crucial while attending the rock show...  

4. EDDIE BAUER K-6 BOOT The boot; The K-6 is the first of two nominees that I do not own but have always dreamt of wearing to the rock show. Everyone wears boots to the rock show. I have a pair of Coleman outdoor boots I got at Goodwill in my current rotation that have seen a lot of rock shows as of late. But, every time I see someone wearing these at the rock show I think they're so cool. It might be more usual for a Doc Marten to fill the boot's role on a list like this, but the Eddie Bauer K-6 has always been the boot with my heart.

3. Air Jordan 14 Same case as the K-6... If I had a pair of 14s I would be moving like crazy at the rock show. You might see other Jordans at the rock show before a pair of 14s. I think that's cool. My homie Eli wears a lot of 1s to shows. That's not crazy but he wears them really sick. I probably just think wearing Jordans to the rock show is super tough. It's like skating in Jordans. A fuck you mash up I 've admired since I was a jit. If I had some 14s to wear to the rock show I would have that gnarly personality. Like, spin kicking in some 14s... that's hard!

2. Nike React Element 55 I love these shoes at the rock show for two reasons: height and comfort. Their thick-ass React outsole insole combo gives you a half inch while being one of the comfiest wears I've found in a runner. I never anticipated this shoe to be a rock show staple when I bought them from the Auburn [Outlet Collection] SuperMall Nike outlet. But, I did buy them the day of that previously mentioned life changing rock show...

1. Adidas R2 GTX When I die bury me at the rock show in Adidas x Pop Trading Co. R2 GTXs. If you've seen me since I bought these shoes this past March I've probably been in them... In fact I feel it's closer to that fate directed these shoes into my life than I just bought a pair of shoes from the skate shop... / This list must end like it started, with a Hotline-pilled anecdote that becomes the reason in my opinion. The day I bought these shoes I thought I could die at the rock show in them. Hotline TNT played an outdoor show during SXSW and a lot of dope and noteworthy shit happened that day and night. I was feeling like the man for delivering backline to the show, I had these fire-ass new shoes, and could catch Texas versus Colgate in the first round of March Madness in the bar between sets. Shit was really sweet, but life can come at you fast. Hotline headlined the show and when they began to get on, lightning started to spear from the sky. Texan, and the homie, DJ AKA Weed Heavy Spliff was off the 'Piff and swore it was "just a prairie storm" and it was going to pass. While Bayou-bred LD, also off the 'Piff, felt "[he’s] from the South, it's about to storm." I have a phone video recording of five consecutive seconds of lightning as Maria (guitar) says in the background "oh my god I'm so scared of lightning." I don't even remember if they got to finish their second song before a downpour caused an emergency evacuation of the blacktop parking lot which held the show. The homies, some helpful hands, and I had to sweep the amps and drum kit back into our van while the storm came down and flooded the parking lot. We were sopping and cold, but through all of that, my feet stayed dry thanks to the Gore-Tex upper and Conti Rubber outsole of the Adidas R2 GTX. Epic shit.

Honorable Mention: Adidas Yeezy Slide This HM is purely off the legend of a Pacific Northwest cultural tastemaker wearing Yeezy slides to the hardcore show. Kanye politics aside, that's so filthy to me.



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