July 5, 2024

Daily Dose Of Milk 7-5-2024

Everything with its moment in the sun has a fall from grace. Today I write to tell you that the skinny white movement must end. In the post covid landscape, a cultural movement, I’ve named the skinny whites, (anyone can be a skinny white) emerged. This new movement in my eyes in heroin chic 2.0. Anchored by Nepo babies, the dime square scene of circle jerkers, and edge lord internet try hards. This scene has slowly lost momentum as there has yet to be a true star break out of the scene. That's not for lack of trying. 

The ripple effects of this can be felt in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. To my knowledge and maybe this is due to my lack of being a “Skinny White”. I’d say that a true scene of figureheads has yet to emerge here as it did in New York. That doesn’t mean there isn’t Skinny White’s here. The two cities are as different as a turkey club and a meatball sandwich. The only two things they share is the fact that they are cities. LA is a place that makes it so hard to see people in the flesh. Everyone is in the car, backyard, or somewhere else you can't find them. In New York, you have to be seen. Some might say that's why so many aspiring artists move there. 

This has hindered LA's chance at creating its own skinny white micro stars. No one knows what’s going on. When I first moved here I thought I was walking through the doors of excess and decadence. Something I imagined I couldn't find online. Coming up on a year in town, I now know that all this is here is things to be found online. Maybe I’m still not cool enough to see through the curtains to the other side but from my vantage point, it doesn't quite seem like there's anything. The level of self-importance amongst the skinny whites is comedic. I grew up thinking that fame was real and that it might mean something. In Skinny white land, most people aren't famous. They just have a pretty for now face and some mystery credit card. 

My problem with this movement isn’t that most are someone rich’s kid. It's that it created a playground for people to have less fun. With all this time and money, you would think they’d be turning the town upside down. Where is the party? Is the best thing LA has to offer El Prado? Why is there not someone taking the city and bringing sex, drugs, and excess to the forefront? I’m not asking for people to step out of line I’m simply calling for people to do something that might even be a little bit remeberable. Can we leave the Lacroix and backyard hang for our 36th birthday and take the next few years to turn the city on its head and shake it for all its worth? 

This is my call to arms for a new movement for the people, New Ink, Labor for real. Welcome to the summer of thug! Where people let loose and strive for something more. If this interests you in any way tell a friend and ask us to send you the address to Tracy’s 



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