June 11, 2024

Music Video Of The Week 6-12-2023

Cash Cobain - Slizzy Gods

For our first ever Music Video of The Week, I am excited to announce “SLIZZY GODS by CASH COBAIN” as The Music Video of The Week! Ive probably watched this video 20 times this past week. I don’t remember how I first heard about Cash Cobain but I do know up until very recently I thought he was just the guy behind the “got this beat from cash not from youtube” tag on that one Flee and Brent Faiyaz song. Like many people I know I had no idea he rapped.

In the last few weeks he’s become one of my favorite rappers out rn. Slizzy Gods really represents everything like I love about cash cobain and his sound. The beat is amazing I love the way the drums knock in the car. The samples perfect and hes saying some of both the craziest and funniest things ive heard in a rap song in a while. Two of my favorite moments of the song is when he says “I love bitches I hate men” and “Got a bitch from Indiana I dance in that pussy ima Indianimal”

This energy is matched perfectly in the music video. The video isn’t unlike any rap video we’ve seen in the past but what I really like about it is that it isn’t trying to be something its not. Its not the run in gun video of the 2010’s and its not a blown out soundcloud rap video. Its an ode to videos of the past where rappers look like rappers and not like some kid you went to middle school with. It doesn’t look like it could be my life and I think that’s what’s so cool to me about it.



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