Thursday, July 13, 2023

Cattle Heard Update #1


Cattle Heard Update #1 

• First off, I went to Bellingham last week and it was life changing Shout out Bellingham. 
• Los Angeles By Frank Black is a great Rock song It feel so fitting as imp repairing to move to Los Angeles! Man, I wanna live in Los Angeles. 
• Goon Is a killer band their 2022 album, Hour of Green Evening is becoming one of my favorites of this year and I can’t wait to see them play again.
• Dominic Fike put out a new album and it’s a lot better than his first. Im very into the title and art direction. I watched a few interviews around the album and I think hes so annoying. But The song Think Fast is great and really makes me feel away and for that alone I will continue to watch things develop.
• There is a record label in New York called, Death Metal Florida. Keep your eyes peeled for what they got coming out 
• I also wanna shine a spotlight on Springfield Missouri band Theme black their great! 
• I got lots of opinions and not always enough time in my days but lots more coming too the site soon!

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