Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Cow Goes Moo: Bruce Gilden and Art that is round


Bruce Gilden and art that is round

  I would like to say I think about art all the time because I do. This past week however I’ve “really” been thinking about art. Last Tuesday I was mindlessly scrolling through my YouTube suggestions when a video of Bruce Gilden popped up. It was a WNYC Street Shots video that follows Bruce while he’s walking around New York making work. I had come across his work before most notably his essay, Farm Boys and Farm Girls. The images Bruce makes are strong, striking emotive photos that arrive at such great immediacy. Not until I had seen the streets shot the video had been the first time I seen Bruce himself on camera, let alone him or someone of his caliber actively making their work. This was inspiring to me in so many ways, but I think what left me most in awe was how fearless and aggressive he was. The way he worked to make the photos felt just as important as the work itself. His work is so unapologetically human and round. From the subject of his photos to the way moves his body and the way he talks about the work. Bruce Gilden represents the good bad and ugly parts of being a person.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

Cattle Heard Update #1


Cattle Heard Update #1 

• First off, I went to Bellingham last week and it was life changing Shout out Bellingham. 
• Los Angeles By Frank Black is a great Rock song It feel so fitting as imp repairing to move to Los Angeles! Man, I wanna live in Los Angeles. 
• Goon Is a killer band their 2022 album, Hour of Green Evening is becoming one of my favorites of this year and I can’t wait to see them play again.
• Dominic Fike put out a new album and it’s a lot better than his first. Im very into the title and art direction. I watched a few interviews around the album and I think hes so annoying. But The song Think Fast is great and really makes me feel away and for that alone I will continue to watch things develop.
• There is a record label in New York called, Death Metal Florida. Keep your eyes peeled for what they got coming out 
• I also wanna shine a spotlight on Springfield Missouri band Theme black their great! 
• I got lots of opinions and not always enough time in my days but lots more coming too the site soon!

I Made a Zine

Hey Guys. I Made a Zine Its Called For When The Cows Come Home. I know Surprise Surprise! You can get your very own Copy as soon as this com...

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