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Moo- An Album Review : Life Under The Gun by Militarie Gun

 Moo- An Album Review

Life Under The Gun 
Militarie Gun 

    In the current landscape of music, there aren’t a lot of records whose arrival feels like an event anymore. Most Album cycles start with a teaser video followed by a lead single with a music video. This is then followed by single after single which are now usually accompanied by lyric video and whatever else boring stuff your label asks you to do. Before you know it a random Friday on the calendar has passed and now there’s another album out in the world to add to the pile of thousands of records that came out this year that no one remembers.

    In this bleak world, we have been lucky enough to be gifted a sliver of hope in “Life Under The Gun” the debut album from Los Angeles band Militarie Gun that came out this past Friday. This album was announced this past April and it didn’t hurt that the band was already everywhere. Lead Single Do It Faster is simply one of the best rock songs of the year and it’s not even close. That’s only one reason the band was so hot by the time this record was released.

    It is not private information that Hardcore music is having a moment in the mainstream thanks to the success of Turnstile. Militarie Gun’s frontman Ian Shelton has more than paid due in the hardcore with his previous bands and is finally cashing in on it! Off of the strength of All Roads Lead to the Gun 1 and 2 the band Signed to Loma Vista and is now managed by Roc Nation. Militarie Gun feels like a major label band and honestly, it’s in part what makes the release of this record feel so exciting to me. It feels big, exciting, and special!

    There are not a lot of records that live up to their moment like this one! Like all of my favorite albums in the sonic vein of Militarie Gun aka 90’s alt-rock, the lead single also happens to be track number one. Starting the album off with a kick to the face is previously mentioned, Do it Faster. This is then followed by the record's other two singles. In most cases, this would lead one to think the albums front loaded but, on this album, the singles are far from my favorite songs as the albums just get better as it goes.

    Clocking In at 12 songs and 27 minutes and 16 seconds the record gets straight to the point. As the song titles on the record may lead you to assume Ian’s songwriting is very direct and gets to a point in a very accessible way. Today things are either too heady or god of awfully simple and stupid. One of my favorite line on the records is on the song Never Fucked Up Once when Ian say’s “You did something you didn't want and now it's your name”. I don’t know what he’s talking about in that line but I know what it means to me when I hear it. That space is what makes good songwriting stand up above the rest. My favorite song on the album is Sway Too. It takes me somewhere I can’t describe just yet, but I do know it’s the best song on the album. Think mayonnaise on Siamese Dream but enough about what I think go play the brand new Militarie Gun album Life Under The Gun!!!!

They Let a Cow into The Movie Theater : June Edition

They Let a Cow into The Movie Theater : June Edition 

Asteroid City
Wes Anderson 

Reviewed by Dawson Knight 

    I am honored to introduce you to our newest segment here at For When The Cows Come Home, They Let a Cow into The Movie Theater. In this segment we have a friend stop by and give us a review of their favorite movie of the month! Kicking this off we have my friend and director Dawson Knight bringing you his thought on Wes Anderson’s new film, Asteroid City! 

    I would say I mostly love the work of Wes Anderson. If there is ever a movie he directs that doesn’t connect with me on an emotional level I can usually say his very distinct visual style and set design was enjoyable to watch. There are times though where his movies push past just passive enjoyment and can become very esoteric and thoughtful and those become some of my favorite movies. Grand Budapest Hotel, Darjeeling Limited, Royal Tenanbaums, these are movies that mean quite a bit to me and have connected with me on a personal level. His filmmaking is very mannered and precise and his characters are usually closed off and monotone. They speak very clearly and seemingly will say exactly what they mean, this can lead to the movies often feelings like fairy tales. Wes might not take the world his characters inhabit all that seriously but he always takes his characters emotions seriously, and his best films balance both the quirkiness and the hard hitting emotional reality very well. 

    Asteroid City is Wes Anderson’s most recent movie and it’s not an entry in his catalogue that is going to make any new fans, but I do think for those tracking his career it’s a very interesting entry. The movie functions as a “documentary” recounting the writing and production of the movie we are watching (Asteroid City). Because of this structure the film switches styles visually and narratively and I can see it being frustrating for someone that just wants a straight forward story. Wes Anderson being meta isn’t a new thing but this movie for sure leans into it as its main narrative device and for me I found it super unique. I say I liked the style of this movie knowing that this isn’t going to be a thing that people just walking into the movie because they saw Tom Hanks was in it will resonate with. It’s definitely one of those movies that is less focused on providing a satisfying narrative with highs and lows. It’s instead is an exercise in his style and meta storytelling as a way to examine themes of grief, parenthood, artistic burdens, lack of fulfillment…. there’s a lot going on.

    It’s with that said that I don’t know how to recommend this to everyone but I do hope a lot of people see it. Wes Anderson is his own genre of movie at this point, and I think it’s great that he continues to make his type of movie and manages to have massive ensemble casts paired with it. There’s clearly a ton of love and passion put into everything he makes and he’s gotten so good at it I will always recommend people give his work a shot.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Music Video of The Week : 6-19-2023

 Music Video of The Week 


 Steve Marino - Got You (In My World Now)

For This Weeks Music Video of the week we have Steve Marino's Dreamcast of a video, Got You (In My World Now). 

    I found this video like I find most things now days, on the scroll. This video is directed by Nate Kahn whose work I’m a big fan of and who I saw post about it! Before coming across this video, I wasn't too familiar with any of Steve’s solo stuff. I am however a big fan of the bands that he’s played in over the last few years. I didn’t know what to expect but was almost instantly won over after the first few seconds. I like the idea of power pop but i don't always like power pop! This song makes me rethink that. Some songs just take you to where you need to be and this one does that. 

    The videos open up to a fish eye shoot reminiscent of a bestie boys video. Nate does a great job of bring an immediacy and intimacy to this video that makes the song better for it! It almost feels like we've walked into Steve's bedroom despite the video being shoot entirely outside in sunny Los Angeles. Some music videos try depict a lifestyle that’s unattainable and some are just a peak into someone else world. I love this video because of the latter. It also doesn't hurt that the songs great and has an incredible bridge!

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Cow Tipping : FIVE FAVORITE SHOES FOR THE ROCK SHOW written by Slim O'fee

    I would like to introduce you to a brand new segment here at For When The Cows Come Home called, Cow Tipping. For this segment we will have a friends of the site come on and give some expertise on whatever they happen to be an expert on! For our very first edition of Cow Tipping we have the one and only, The Good Homie Tim aka Slim O’fee here to tell us about the best shoes to wear to the rock show!!!! 

written by Slim O'fee 
 This list is based on shoes I've worn or seen at the rock show. Thanks FWTCCH. 

 5. NIKE SB DUNK HIGH I tried to leave the SB Dunk, as well as its sibling Nike Air Force 1, off of my list. Two perennial nominees on all-time best or favorite sneaker lists and absolutely bodied by white people via Pandas and cooked white ones. But I have been at the rock show in SB Dunks too often to leave them off. The first pair I came up on in the contemporary Dunk era were the Carpet Company highs which make me feel like Franz from Turnstile when I wear them with dark wash blue jeans. Those are great for wearing to the rock show. I wore those to a rock show that changed my life. Anyways, I'm not strict when it comes to highs versus lows but the highs get my nod on this list for my memory of seeing Hotline TNT in Olympia, Washington in a pair of KCDCs, fresh out of the box. And not for nothing, your pants still hit so right on top of SB Dunks which is crucial while attending the rock show...   

4. EDDIE BAUER K-6 BOOT The boot; The K-6 is the first of two nominees that I do not own but have always dreamt of wearing to the rock show. Everyone wears boots to the rock show. I have a pair of Coleman outdoor boots I got at Goodwill in my current rotation that have seen a lot of rock shows as of late. But, every time I see someone wearing these at the rock show I think they're so cool. It might be more usual for a Doc Marten to fill the boot's role on a list like this, but the Eddie Bauer K-6 has always been the boot with my heart. 

 3. Air Jordan 14 Same case as the K-6... If I had a pair of 14s I would be moving like crazy at the rock show. You might see other Jordans at the rock show before a pair of 14s. I think that's cool. My homie Eli wears a lot of 1s to shows. That's not crazy but he wears them really sick. I probably just think wearing Jordans to the rock show is super tough. It's like skating in Jordans. A fuck you mash up I 've admired since I was a jit. If I had some 14s to wear to the rock show I would have that gnarly personality. Like, spin kicking in some 14s... that's hard! 

 2. Nike React Element 55 I love these shoes at the rock show for two reasons: height and comfort. Their thick-ass React outsole insole combo gives you a half inch while being one of the comfiest wears I've found in a runner. I never anticipated this shoe to be a rock show staple when I bought them from the Auburn [Outlet Collection] SuperMall Nike outlet. But, I did buy them the day of that previously mentioned life changing rock show... 

1. Adidas R2 GTX When I die bury me at the rock show in Adidas x Pop Trading Co. R2 GTXs. If you've seen me since I bought these shoes this past March I've probably been in them... In fact I feel it's closer to that fate directed these shoes into my life than I just bought a pair of shoes from the skate shop... / This list must end like it started, with a Hotline-pilled anecdote that becomes the reason in my opinion. The day I bought these shoes I thought I could die at the rock show in them. Hotline TNT played an outdoor show during SXSW and a lot of dope and noteworthy shit happened that day and night. I was feeling like the man for delivering backline to the show, I had these fire-ass new shoes, and could catch Texas versus Colgate in the first round of March Madness in the bar between sets. Shit was really sweet, but life can come at you fast. Hotline headlined the show and when they began to get on, lightning started to spear from the sky. Texan, and the homie, DJ AKA Weed Heavy Spliff was off the 'Piff and swore it was "just a prairie storm" and it was going to pass. While Bayou-bred LD, also off the 'Piff, felt "[he’s] from the South, it's about to storm." I have a phone video recording of five consecutive seconds of lightning as Maria (guitar) says in the background "oh my god I'm so scared of lightning." I don't even remember if they got to finish their second song before a downpour caused an emergency evacuation of the blacktop parking lot which held the show. The homies, some helpful hands, and I had to sweep the amps and drum kit back into our van while the storm came down and flooded the parking lot. We were sopping and cold, but through all of that, my feet stayed dry thanks to the Gore-Tex upper and Conti Rubber outsole of the Adidas R2 GTX. Epic shit. 
Honorable Mention: Adidas Yeezy Slide This HM is purely off the legend of a Pacific Northwest cultural tastemaker wearing Yeezy slides to the hardcore show. Kanye politics aside, that's so filthy to me.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

Music Video Of The Week 6-12-2023

Music Video Of The Week 


Cash Cobain - Slizzy Gods

For our first ever Music Video of The Week, I am excited to announce “SLIZZY GODS by CASH COBAIN” as The Music Video of The Week! Ive probably watched this video 20 times this past week. I don’t remember how I first heard about Cash Cobain but I do know up until very recently I thought he was just the guy behind the “got this beat from cash not from youtube” tag on that one Flee and Brent Faiyaz song. Like many people I know I had no idea he rapped. 
 In the last few weeks he’s become one of my favorite rappers out rn. Slizzy Gods really represents everything like I love about cash cobain and his sound. The beat is amazing I love the way the drums knock in the car. The samples perfect and hes saying some of both the craziest and funniest things ive heard in a rap song in a while. Two of my favorite moments of the song is when he says “I love bitches I hate men” and “Got a bitch from Indiana I dance in that pussy ima Indianimal” 
 This energy is matched perfectly in the music video. The video isn’t unlike any rap video we’ve seen in the past but what I really like about it is that it isn’t trying to be something its not. Its not the run in gun video of the 2010’s and its not a blown out soundcloud rap video. Its an ode to videos of the past where rappers look like rappers and not like some kid you went to middle school with. It doesn’t look like it could be my life and I think that’s what’s so cool to me about it.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Cow Goes Moo: I Love 50 Cent


    I’ve been listening to a lot of 50 Cent lately and honestly my life feels so much better because of it. 50 Cent is arguably some of the first music I can really remember actively enjoying as a kid. My dad bought Get Rich or Die Trying when it came out and played it religiously in the car. At one point I even wanted to be a rapper because of 50 cent but quickly changed my mind when I still thought I had to be shoot 9 times to qualify as a rapper. None the less over the last couple of weeks my love for 50 Cent has been revitalized and I wanna highlight 5 of my favorite 50 cent songs. 
     1. 21 Questions ft. Nate Dogg - This was forsure my first ever favorite song. I wanted this to be me so badly. To have a girl in my life I could play 21 questions with felt like one of my biggest dreams when this song came out! 
    2. Window Shopper - Every time I hear this song it takes me to a place. I’ll never forget watching this music video on BET and asking my mom what a window shopper was and finding out that I was one. I recently listened to this song somewhere in the middle of Europe for the first time in a while and it was a nice remaindered of where I came from! 
    3. God Gave Me Style – This song came out on The Massacre but I didn’t really come to it until I rip the CD onto my laptop when I was in middle school. I love this song I used to listen to everyday on the bus heading to school. It still feels really special to me! 
    4. Many Men (Wish Death) – I got to be honest I was super late on this song! I don’t think I really remember hiring until I started playing high school football. Since finding it without a doubt this has been my most played 50 Cent song. It just makes me feel hard! It’s also gotten so much more relatable to me as ive gotten older! I’m just trying to be who I’m destined to be! 
    5. In Da Club – I mean this song makes the cut for the music video alone! This is the song that started it all it has to make the list! Something I feel like people don’t talk about enough is the beat this shit knocks 20 years later and you can’t say that about everything. I can’t wait to get in the car and play this shit!

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Welcome To Unbranded Cows Let Me Introduce You To Rocket The Band!!!

I’d like to introduce you to Unbranded Cows. This is a new Segment by For When the Cows Comes Home, where we tell you about a band or artist that is currently unsigned, on the come or etc that were a fan of! Think about it like unsigned hype but The Source magazine has been dead since 2006 and some dude in Tacoma decided to steal their idea!
    For the first installment of this new segment I am honored to introduce you to Rocket! Rocket is a LA based rock band as if there’s not already enough of those (; The band is comprised of Alithea Tuttle on Bass and Vocals, Desi Scaglione and Baron Rinzler both on Guitar, and Cooper Ladomade on Drums. I was first introduced to Rocket via my friends in the Great LA band Milly. I was immediately draw to their sound due to my own personal bias for guitar music that sounds like it came out in 1994. In the year 2023 there are honestly a lot of bands doing the “90s thing” but Rocket brings something refreshingly new to the sound of Alt Rock radio of the past. I think that thing is that they actually have enough pop sensibility that one day they too might have an alt rock radio hit of their own! 
    With only 5 songs out or at least that I could find now is the perfect time to get into Rocket! I mean don’t you wanna be the guy at a house party 2 years from now telling everyone that they were your favorite band way before they started going on turn with turnstile! 
Check out Rocket on Bandcamp or Spotify or maybe even your local CD shop! 


Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Introducing Aramis's 50 Favorite Active Bands


We at For When The Cows Come Home Would like to introduce you to Aramis’s 50 Favorite Active bands. This list is and will remain a staple of this website and can be found underneath the Tab section on the site. I love music and I love rock bands! Now more than ever there are so many great bands going right now! So why not put together a list of my favorite 50 of them! I know I know not everyone on the list is a “band”, well fuck off I make the rules. I will update this listen as frequently as these bands begin to put out bad music, breakup or I hear a new band that knocks one of these guys out of the top 50! This list has no order that is important to remember. 
 In honor of V1 of “Aramis’s 50 Favorite Active bands” I Would like to declare Narrow Head as my favorite band right now. They simply do not miss! Every album is better than the last! They look cool and the play even better. They have one of the best live shows in rock music if I were Turnstile id be scared (;. They’re new album is one of my favorite albums to come out this year. If narrow head is coming to your town please don’t miss it!


This List is in no order and will be updated often

(please let me know if any of these bands break up and i will remove them from the list)

  • Hotline tnt
  • Nitefire
  • julie
  • Momma
  • Wednesday 
  • ML Lendermen 
  • Strange Ranger
  • Fontaines D.C.
  • Been Stellar
  • Narrow Head
  • Soccer Mommy
  • Snail Mail
  • Wunderhorse
  • Dazy
  • Yves Tumor 
  • Closebye
  • Ex Pilots 
  • Careen
  • Babehoven 
  • Slow Pulp 
  • Toner
  • Twen
  • Olvlo 
  • Crushed
  • Jesus’s Piece 
  • Milly
  • Graham Hunt
  • Turnstile 
  • Pardoner
  • sour widows
  • nothing 
  • hovvdy 
  • Amyl and the Sniffer 
  • Football Head 
  • Deeper
  • Fleshwater
  • Porches
  • Jockstrap 
  • Sun spots
  • Why Bonnie 
  • King Krule
  • Hello Yello
  • Naked giants 
  • Stab
  • Horsegirl 
  • Show me the body
  • Nourished By Time
  • The Tubs
  • Cola

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Welcome To For When The Cows Come Home!!!

  This is the start of something new! What I hope to a beginning of a whole new world that exists here only as a means to continue report what I find, feel, and learn on the outside. I love music, art, and culture and that’s what this blog is about. Its also about me and my life and all the fun and misery I get to enjoy (;. Anyways nobody like an intro that goes on to long! I hope you like what I have to say cuz I cant shut the fuck up! 


I Made a Zine

Hey Guys. I Made a Zine Its Called For When The Cows Come Home. I know Surprise Surprise! You can get your very own Copy as soon as this com...

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